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10 steps to a leaner and fitter body without hunger or exhaustion!

Your Route To A Fat-Burning Athletic Body is Only A Click Away. In these 10 steps Dr Hud will give you actionable, science-backed tips on taking control of your health through diet and exercise. No gimmicks or supplements. Correct your metabolism by eating more and exercising smartly with Dr Hud Shaker.

Course curriculum

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    Instructions for this course

    • Introduction

    • Step 1: Why is your body overweight?

    • Step 2: Things more important than calories

    • Step 3: Feeding your body what it needs (Part 1)

    • Step 4: Feeding your body what it needs (Part 2)

    • Step 5: Minimise what harms your body

    • Step 6: Achieve REAL balance in your diet

    • Step 7: Take control of your diet

    • Step 8: Smart exercise (Part 1)

    • Step 9: Smart Exercise (Part 2)

    • BONUS Workout PDF

    • Step 10: Moving forward